Reconnecting and Moving Forward After Infidelity

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Therapy for Infidelity

When a relationship is traumatized by infidelity, it strikes a blow to everyone involved. The partner who strayed is haunted by feelings of regret, anger, and confusion, while the partner who remained faithful is left feeling hurt, betrayed, vulnerable, and humiliated. Renee Lederman, LPC offers a safe, supportive space for couples seeking relief and resilience through Infidelity Therapy.

Find Hope with Infidelity Therapy

Renee’s Approach

Infidelity therapy, also known as affair recovery therapy or couples therapy after infidelity, is a form of counseling designed to help couples navigate the aftermath of infidelity in their relationship. It typically involves both partners attending therapy sessions together, although individual counseling may also be recommended. Renee serves as a neutral facilitator, guiding couples through difficult conversations, providing education and resources, offering perspective and insight, and empowering couples to make informed decisions about the future of their relationship.

Rebuild Trust

Therapy helps the betrayed partner express their feelings of betrayal and hurt, while the partner who had the affair may work on understanding the impact of their actions and demonstrating genuine remorse.

Rebuild Intimacy

Therapy may involve exercises and techniques to help couples reconnect emotionally, rebuild physical intimacy, and strengthen their bond.

Rebuild the Relationship

Therapy assists couples in setting clear boundaries to protect the relationship from further harm and in rebuilding a solid foundation based on honesty, respect, and mutual understanding.

Q&A: About Infidelity Therapy

How do I know if Infidelity Therapy is right for me?

Infidelity therapy can be beneficial for couples who are committed to working through the challenges of infidelity and rebuilding their relationship. If you and your partner are willing to engage in therapy, open to honest communication, and motivated to heal, infidelity therapy may be a helpful resource.

What can I expect during Infidelity Therapy sessions?

During infidelity therapy sessions, you can expect to engage in open and honest discussions about the infidelity, your emotions, and the underlying issues in your relationship. The therapist will provide a safe space for both partners to express themselves, offer guidance and support, and facilitate constructive communication and problem-solving.

Is Infidelity Therapy confidential?

Yes, infidelity therapy is confidential, and therapists are bound by professional ethics and legal requirements to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their clients. Your therapist will discuss confidentiality policies with you at the beginning of therapy and address any concerns you may have.

What if my partner refuses Infidelity Therapy?

If your partner is unwilling to attend therapy, you can still benefit from individual counseling to process your emotions, gain insight into your relationship, and explore your options. While couples therapy is often recommended for addressing infidelity, individual therapy can still be a valuable resource for personal growth and healing.




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