Clear Limiting Beliefs With Life Coaching

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Life Coaching

Life coaches believe that you already have the answers and solutions to all the questions and obstacles in your life, but you may not have the skills or the confidence to unlock them. With life coaching, Renee Lederman, LPC helps you learn the skills and build the confidence you need to be your best self. 

Gain Clarity with Life Coaching

Renee’s Approach

Life Coaching is a collaborative process that can help change negative mindsets and limiting beliefs. Life Coaching helps you gain clarity in your purpose, become an effective leader, ignite passion in your relationships, and spearheads you to pursue your dreams.  Life coaching blends support with accountability, and cognitive reframing with owning your personal story, to create a whole new outlook on life. Renee’s approach focuses on creating a champion mindset that helps you break through limitations that hold you back so you can succeed at whatever you put your heart and soul into.

Take Accountability

 By clearly defining what you want to accomplish, you can better understand what you need to do to achieve your objectives.

Challenge Limiting Beliefs

By reframing negative thoughts and beliefs, you can adopt a more empowering mindset and take proactive steps towards your goals.

Clarify Boundaries & Priorities

By understanding what is truly important to you, you can establish boundaries that align with your values and protect what matters most.

Q&A: About Life Coaching

What can I expect from a Life Coaching session?

During a life coaching session, you can expect to be asked powerful questions to help you gain clarity, explore your values and priorities, set specific and achievable goals, develop action plans, and identify any obstacles or challenges that may be hindering your progress. I will also provide support, encouragement, and accountability to help you stay on track.

How does Life Coaching differ from traditional talk therapy?

While therapy often focuses on addressing past trauma, resolving mental health issues, and exploring deep-rooted emotions, life coaching primarily focuses on the present and future. Life coaching is action-oriented and goal-focused, helping clients identify and achieve their desired outcomes.

What issues can Life Coaching help with?

Life coaching can assist with a wide range of issues including career transitions, relationship challenges, goal setting, time management, stress management, personal growth, self-confidence, and overall life balance.




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